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About Me: I am big fan of scooby doo. I collect DVDs, CDs, toys, the cartoon classics collection volumes 1 & 2 (Hanna Barbera book), plushies, puzzles, video games, board games, card game, scooby doo t-shirts, photo at movie world of me and my brother Damian with Shaggy, scooby in the mystery machine and Daphne standing next to scooby in the mystery machine, scooby and gang plastic cup, warner brothers movie world, scooby doo key chain, mystery machine with scooby doo and shaggy diecast model, a scooby doo journal, scooby doo Kraft cheese spread cartoon network collectables glass cup, a scooby-doo hallmark v2 mystery machine Christmas ordainment with scooby and the gang inside of the mystery machinex2, a scooby doo noise related birthday card, scooby doo hoddie box set of 4 scooby doo choose your own mystery library, a photo of myself with Neil Fanning at Supernova Adelaide 2022 (Saturday 12 of November 2022 at 11:55am), scooby doo and the gang movie world gift bag, Scoob gift bag, scooby doo and villain's lanyard and all 3 of the Daphne and Velma books, Scooby-Doo, Dracula and the Creeper socksx2 and mobile phone case (iPhone). I listen to podcasts, panels and watch scooby doo videos on YouTube.

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