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About Me: I've been collecting Scooby Doo pretty much since I was about 4 years old. Ive definitely gotten a pretty good collection over the years from tins, figures, comics, kitchen ware, clothes, you name it. I even entered a bowling league as a kid just to get a Scooby bowling ball. Currently on the hunt right now for an elusive ice cream scoop. There was a small local ice cream shop in my town when I was a kid and they had an antique Scooby ice cream scooper along with dozens of other interesting ice scoops from characters to just regular antique scoops. But a few years back the owner sold the shop to someone else and took his best scoops off the walls leaving a decent amount still but not the best ones. Since I was a kid it was sort of before the era of cell phones so unfortunately I never got a picture of it and for years I've never been able to find it again. Hoping this group will help!

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