Scott Innes Warm & Fuzzies Christmas CD

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Name: Scott Innes Warm & Fuzzies Christmas CD
Description: Scott Innes Warm & Fuzzies Christmas CD features 21 tracks. The cover has Scooby-Doo sleeping by a fire. CD art by Scott Neely.
Country: United States United States
Year: 200?

Format: Compact Disc
Song 1: The Christmas Letter
Song 2: Little Piece of Heaven
Song 3: If Jesus Came Back
Song 4: I'll Remember You
Song 5: Handprints on the Wall
Song 6: Just Follow Your Dreams
Song 7: Christmas Thoughts From Innes
Song 8: Tribute to Uncle Paul
Song 9: Scott's Christmas Poem
Song 10: A Gift for Bobby Decker
Song 11: Give This To My Daddy
Song 12: The Christmas Doll
Song 13: Dear Santa (A Mother's Tribute)
Song 14: Letter From Scott Innes
Song 15: "RuhRoh" A Christmas Wish
Song 16: Heather's Christmas Wish
Song 17: Emily's Song (Scott Innes/Jim Brickman
Song 18: Presley's "Hey Daddy"
Song 19: A Daddy Letter From Presley
Song 20: A Place Called Poplar Bluff 21. Christmas Wish/LSU & St. Jude