Scooby-Doo Dance Vol. 1 CD (Norway)

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Name: Scooby-Doo Dance Vol. 1 CD (Norway)
Description: Scooby-Doo Dance Vol. 1 CD (Norway). Compiled by Tordrun.
Country: Norway Norway
Manufacturer/Distributor: MIA Music
Year: 1997

Format: Compact Disc
Song 1: If Lovin' You Is Wrong (Slowly Risin' Mix) - Faithless
Song 2: Keep Pushin' (Original Radio Edit) - Booom!
Song 3: Up To No Good (Radio Edit) - Porn Kings
Song 4: Follow The Rules (Radio Mix) - Livin' Joy
Song 5: All Funked Up '96 (Mother's 1996 Vocal Mix) - Mother
Song 6: Walk (Blaze Radio Edit) - Amira
Song 7: Help Me Make It (Deep Mix) - Huff & Puff
Song 8: Let The Music Play (Matt Darey Mix) - BBG Feat. Erin
Song 9: I'm Still In Love With You (Concrete Jungle Radio Edit) - New Edition
Song 10: The Clock Is Young (Club Mix) - Samira
Song 11: Can't Get Enough (Radio Edit) - Love & Devotion
Song 12: Gimme Gimme (American Cut) - Whigfield
Song 13: Got To Be Real (Classic Paradise Radio Mix) - Cheryl Lynn
Song 14: Everybody Jam (Single Jam) - Scatman John
Song 15: Check Me (Radio Edit) - George Cole
Song 16: Two To Tango (Milk & Honey Mix) - Vanessa Daou
Song 17: Don't Go (Acappella Intro Radio Edit) - 3rd Dimension
Song 18: Turn It Up And Down (Tee's Freeze Radio Mix) - Cappella
Song 19: The Real Ooh La La (Original Bootlegged Radio Edit) - Jason Nevins
Song 20: Profondo Rosso (Remix) - Bobby Flexter